Waypoint Map Reference Bearing (Magnetic)
START ST 6909 6926  106


ST 6984 6910


WP2 ST 7012 6922 108
WP3 ST 7035 6916 125
WP4 ST 7078 6890 96
WP5 ST 7104 6889 159
WP6 ST 7131 6831 197
WP7 ST 7125 6806 160
WP8 ST 7186 6668 275
WP9 ST 7081 6670 303
WP10 ST 7030 6699 319
WP11 ST 7001 6727 270
WP12 ST 6886 6719 339
WP13 ST 6814 6879 78
WP14 ST 6904 6905 17
START ST 6909 6926 -
General:- This 7.3 mile walk starts in S. Gloucestershire but as most of it is in BANES (Bath & NE Somerset) I decided to put it in this area. There is a sense of remoteness about this route, it's hard to believe you are so close to two major cities. 

North Stoke is an isolated hamlet with an enviable tranquillity; you almost want to whisper as you walk through. Soon after leaving the village you join the final leg of the much vaunted Cotswold Way before leaving it at Pendean Farm. There are fine views at Prospect Stile (Wp 6) making it an ideal picnic spot for a summer's day.

SUSTRANS (Sustainable Transport) is a renowned national charity famous for its cycle-ways. Their head office is in Bristol so its no surprise they converted the old Bristol & Bath railway track into one of their premier routes; this route follows it between waypoints 12 - 13. Once you leave the railway the river Avon is there to guide you back.

The Old Crown pub at Kelston deserves a mention for its timeless quality and traditional atmosphere; only the prices seem to have changed (its still good value), sadly you can no longer get drunk for one shilling and sixpence. If you have forgotten what a real pub was like, start here and get drunk on nostalgia.

How to get there:- Park in the Swineford Picnic Site. Its on the A431 in Swineford next to The Swan pub, its well signposted.