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Waypoint Map Reference Bearing (magnetic)
START ST 6028 6510 344


ST 6016 6545


WP2 ST 5997 6586  341
WP3 ST 5963 6672 244
WP4 ST 5871 6622 195
WP5 ST 5854 6542 208
WP6 ST 5817 6463 193
WP7 ST 5794 6338 120
WP8 ST 5848 6310 170
WP9 ST 5856 6270 69
WP10 ST 5970 6319  96
WP11 ST 6016 6316 91
WP12 ST 6055 6317 48
WP13 ST 6068 6331 41
WP14 ST 6108 6382 100
WP15  ST 6190 6372 290
WP16 ST 6108 6397 339
WP17 ST 6099 6418 325
START ST 6028 6510 -
General:- This 8.5 mile route offers three differing types of countryside. First there is a stiff climb up to Maes Knoll where you are rewarded by fine views over Chew Valley and its lake; its downhill after that to Chew Magna. Leaving the village you walk through typical Somerset Level agricultural land until waypoint 13 where it  transforms into an attractive riverside walk into Pensford and  back out to waypoint 17. After that its stiff climb back to the start. 

BANES County Council have spent a lot of money installing metal kissing gates (X gates in map notes). This not only provides easy access through its numerous field boundaries but is a very visible indication of a  public footpath and this makes path finding easier. Passing through so many gates in quick succession means you have to keep careful count to avoid getting off track.

There are two alternatives on the route. Between waypoints 6 and 7 our route runs down a track because its easier to navigate but there is another path running parallel to it. Sadly the landowner has ploughed this path; once crops get tall path finding will be difficult but you may think its worth a try for its better views. The route can be shortened by a mile by turning left over a bridge at waypoint 14 and rejoining at 16.

Very few of our routes have so many pubs to choose from. Three in Chew Magna plus others at Stanton Drew and Pensford.

How to get there: Park opposite the church in Norton Malreward.  Via the A37 take the B3130 to Chew Magna at Belluton just north of Pensford. From Chew Magna there is only one road to the left once you are clear of the village.