Map Reference

Bearing Magnetic

START ST 7165 6279 359
WP1 ST 7164 6293 302
WP2 ST 7110 6323 333
WP3  ST 7041 6445 253
WP4 ST 6983 6424 234
WP5  ST 6934 6385 234
WP6  ST 6857 6322 241
WP7 ST 6789 6280 256
WP8  ST 6763 6273 192
WP9 ST 6744 6158 171
WP10 ST 6751 6124 165
WP11 ST 6767 6074 174
WP12 ST 6785 5959 68
WP13 ST 6911 6017 62
WP14 ST 6975 6056 23
WP15 ST 6995 6113 31
WP16 ST 7012 6142 77
WP17 ST 7045 6151 46
START  ST 7165 6279 -

General :- For me, this 9.5 mile route passes through some of the most attractive agricultural land in Banes. Its a subtle mixture of rolling hills and valleys populated with interesting houses and villages.

The residents of Englishcombe have created a new public footpath to overcome anomalies with an old one. Its not often you hear of villagers getting together like this and it says a lot about them. They are proud of the countryside and want to ensure you enjoy it too; I applaud them. There is a similar atmosphere in the other villages too; just about everyone we met was helpful and keen to make sure we got the most from our walk.

There is only one pub on the walk, the Ring O Bells in Priston. Its two thirds of the way round the walk and the pub stops serving food at 2.00pm; you might find it hard to get there by then. If this is the case ring them on 01761 471467 and they will probably wait for you.

The Tithe Barn and its car parking area is only open open Easter-August but there is space to park outside.

How to get there:-  Park in the Tithe Barns in Englishcombe. There are many ways of getting there but if you are not a local here are the simplest. From Bath go south on the A367. At the roundabout where it joins the A3062 turn right. Continue straight ahead for one mile, passing school on left, to next crossroads. Turn left to Englishcombe. From Bristol go south on A41 to the roundabout where it joins A39. Go through Newton St. Loe and pass the crematorium on your right.Drive half a mile road on right to Englishcombe.