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Waypoint Map Reference Bearing to next waypoint
START ST 7779 7030 356


ST 7777 7043


WP2 ST 7833 7008 182
WP3 ST 7834 6976 251
WP4 ST 7822 6971 249
WP5 ST 7764 6944 248
WP6 ST 7667 6898 309
WP7 ST 7603 6942 338
WP8 ST 7590 6969 317
WP9 ST 7507 7046 320
WP10 ST 7478 7076 67
WP11 ST 7502 7088 81
WP12 ST 7596 7109 22
WP13 ST 7600 7121 104
WP14 ST 7730 7098 90
WP15 ST 7744 7099 157
START ST 7779 7030 -
General:-This 6.2 mile walk is a gem. It's the last gasp of the Cotswolds before they plunge down to oblivion in the outskirts of Bath. It seems hard to believe that St Catherines valley is so close to the city, but it is. It has the charm and remoteness of a bygone age, I stood in front of St Catherines' Court and thought 'this is like the 1950's, any minute now a pony and trap will come round the corner' and one did! It is a very steep hill up from St Catherines valley to Charmy Down, but once you are up there it is worth it and there are no more climbs after that. In fact it is a walk of two halves, the wooded charm of the valley with its stream to guide you and then the flat plateau of Charmy Down for something completely different

The path down to waypoint1 passes through a private garden. This may seem odd but it is the correct path and it's well used, don't worry.

The old airfield was a bomber aerodrome in the war. It's all a bit tatty now,  just an old control tower and a few crumbling huts but I met a couple who were stationed there during the war and got married, he taught her to drive on the runways, for them it was a special place. As I left them to their memories, did I hear the drone of aircraft, I think I did.  (GPS length 5.85 miles).

How to get there: Park where the Rd widens in front of St Catherines Court. From Bath take the A4 towards Box for 2.5 miles, passing the A46 on your left to meet a narrow road on your left signposted St Catherines. It's a very narrow road, only one car wide in places. Pass through the village of Northend and a road on the right at ST 7785 6841. Continue straight on for 0.6 miles to fork L at ST 7814 6936. St. Catherines Court is one mile furthur on on your left.

From the north, at the junction of A46 and A420, drive down the A46 towards Bath for 1.1 miles and take the 3rd road left at ST 7452 7120. After 1.9 miles fork right at ST 7718 7087 to meet St. Catherines Court 0.3 miles on.