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Waypoint Map Reference Bearing to next waypoint
START ST 7832 6258 111


ST 7857 6250


WP2 ST 7920 6261 64
WP3 ST 7960 6284 74
WP4 ST 8024 6307 46
WP5 ST 8051 6337 28
WP6 ST 8065 6368 2
WP7 ST 8064 6392 298
WP8 ST 8027 6409 9
WP9 ST 8028 6421 303
WP10 ST 8012 6430 13
WP11 ST 8016 6456 244
WP12 ST 7981 6436 255
WP13 ST 7949 6425 194
WP14 ST 7945 6403 216
WP15 ST 7935 6387 216
WP16 ST 7852 6253 287
START ST 7832 6258 -
General:- This 4.7 mile circular route has a lot of variety and is well waymarked making it easy to follow. I prefer it in spring when bluebells litter the woods between waypoints 4 & 6. There is a short sharp climb up to Conkwell but other than that it is remarkably flat for such a scenic route. 

Most isolated villages have a secret history; Conkwell was a quarry workers village. Stone was lowered to the river on an "inclined plane", a steep runway that allowed them to lower barges filled with stone down to the canal on a cable system. This ingenious idea saved a massive amount of labour. They built their own houses too, using stone of course!

The aqueduct is at the junction of the Kennet & Avon Canal and the Somerset Coal Canal. Very little of the coal canal is left now, this short stretch is used for moorings and there is a cafe at the end.

It's worth a detour at waypoint 13 to visit the Claverton pumping station. It's a giant water wheel, driven by the River Avon, lifting 100,000 gallons of water an hour from the river up to the canal to replenish the water lost in the locks at Bath. Built in 1810 this wheel is still working today and in terms of energy efficiency it's hard to beat it in our modern world. Go to www.claverton.org for more information.

The Fox & Hounds pub at Farleigh Wick is well sited for a halfway stop.

  (GPS length 4.3 miles).

How to get there: park in lay-by on A36 signposted Canal Visitors Centre. It's easy to find on the A36 0.3 miles north of the junction with the B3108