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Waypoint Map Ref Bearing 
START ST 7381 5805 44


ST 7403 5831


WP2 ST 7413 5811 82
WP3 ST 7499 5829 266
WP4 ST 7477 5826 47
WP5 ST 7574 5931 130
WP6 ST 7709 5832 200
WP7 ST 7703 5812 248
WP8 ST 7593 5759 167
WP9 ST 7600 5736 163
WP10 ST 7603 5728 165
WP11 ST 7606 5719 259
WP12 ST 7482 5686 222
WP13 ST 7403 5585 285
WP14 ST 7331 5599 17
WP15 ST 7349 5674 17
WP16 ST 7356 5703 346
WP17 ST 7351 5720 45
WP18 ST 7409 5787 13
WP2 ST 7413 5811 263
START ST 7381 5805 -
General:- This 8.6 mile runs through beautiful and varied countryside but the track from waypoint 15 to 16 can be very muddy after prolonged rain.

Wellow is a treat for anyone who loves the nostalgia of an old railway. It's a bit like walking through a giant train set from a bygone age. It's all there; the railway yard (now the village car park), station, parcel office, signal box, level crossing, in fact everything except the railway line and a train. Sadly this branch of the Somerset and Dorset line (lovingly called the "slow & dirty") closed in the 1950's but it's great fun picking out the buildings most of which are private homes, even the little signal box. If you listen carefully you might hear the Titfield Thunderbolt coming down the track, this famous 1960 film was shot in this area. (GPS length 8.02 miles).

The Stag pub in Hinton Charterhouse is a friendly place, nothing flash but good food & good beer.

Stoney Littleton Long Barrow is managed by English Heritage. This Neolithic burial chamber is 30 metres long with seven chambers spaced on a central passage (quite low in some places). Research on the internet under "Stoney Littleton Long Barrow" and you will find a surprising number of sites, you can do a "virtual tour" or take a torch with you on the walk and look inside.

  How to get there: Park in the village car park, it's clearly signposted. There are a number of ways to get there, this is the easiest. From the A36, 1 mile south of Limpley Stoke turn off to Hinton Charterhouse @ ST 7798 5917. Go straight over cross roads at Hinton Charterhouse. Continue on for 2.5 miles to cross roads at ST 7411 5853. Go straight over and in to village