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Waypoint Map Reference Bearing to next waypoint
START ST 7751 5571 336


ST 7741 5590


WP2 ST 7708 5592 259
WP3 ST 7623 5570 279
WP4 ST 7520 5579 189
WP5 ST 7518 5558 286
WP6 ST 7405 5583 170
WP7 ST 7411 5559 202
WP8 ST 7372 5443 63
WP9 ST 7388 5453 118
WP10 ST 7481 5411 100
WP11 ST 7605 5398 35
WP12 ST 7611 5408 35
WP13 ST 7632 5443 20
WP14 ST 7641 5473 78
WP15 ST 7654 5477 24
WP16 ST 7674 5532 51
WP17 ST 7704 5561 81
START ST 7751 5571 -
General:- This 7.2 mile route should not be in the BANES section but as I have no plans to produce a Somerset section I included it in BANES rather than waste it. It's a gentle foray into typical North Somerset landscape. There are no torturous hills just a sweet glide through fields and small villages. The Council's push to open up footpaths is very evident on parts of this route. There are new and very substantial pedestrian gates, no quick fix here.

The gem of this route is the George Inn at Norton St. Philip, it's every inch of what you would expect a coaching inn to be. If you look into the courtyard you will see what I mean.

Between waypoints 16 and 17 runs the gloriously named Watery Lane. I had a suspicion it would be a bit wet but it's well beyond that. The path runs along a wide shallow stream, you'll need waterproof boots or wellies to do this section and keep your feet dry, but it's glorious, when did you last splash through water like a ten year old. It's very near the finish so who cares if you feet get wet, have a dance in it!, believe me the years just drop away. Of course, you will get knowing looks from the locals who have guessed what you have been up to but that's part of the fun, try it!!

How to get there: From the A36 turn off west at ST7877 5675 on the A366. As you enter Norton St Phillip turn left up the high street passing the George pub on your right. Park in front of a derelict factory a quarter of a mile beyond.