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Waypoint Map Reference Bearing to next waypoint
START ST 6463 6455 326


ST 6454 6467


WP2 ST 6436 6470 299
WP3 ST 6393 6490 246
WP4 ST 6320 6451 129
WP5 ST 6327 6446 244
WP6 ST 6262 6409 293
WP7 ST 6230 6420 225
WP8 ST 6201 6387 170
WP9 ST 6207 6363 106
WP10 ST 6249 6354 103
WP11 ST 6268 6351 112
WP12 ST 6312 6337 111
WP13 ST 6369 6319 150
WP14 ST 6403 6267 78
WP15 ST 6424 6273 109
WP16 ST 6473 6360 151
WP17 ST 6482 6246 104
WP18 ST 6555 6233 66
WP19 ST 6603 6258 125
WP20 ST 6643 6234 60
WP21 ST 6669 6250 326
WP22 ST 6574 6370 331
WP23 ST 6527 6444 283
START ST 6463 6455 -
General:- This 8.2 mile route wanders through some delightful countryside. At first it follows the Two Rivers Way and later it joins the Three Peaks Trail but it's let down by the poor state of the footpath between waypoints 17 and 19.  Avoiding using this route in the height of summer when the crops are high (at times I found the crops over my head),  wear long trousers to protect your legs. This walk has sections that require experienced navigation and the use of a compass is advised. If you are not sure of compass use go to our NAVIGATION page for advice.

Somerset is renowned for overgrown path problems. It is a direct result of landowners who plant crops in fields with no attempt to providing a footpath and a County Council who lets them get away with it! With the rural economy so dependant on tourism you have to wonder why they aren't too bothered by a reputation for poor footpaths. Equally, it could be argued that BANES County residents get the paths they deserve, if they used them more and complained of poor access to the County Council things would get better.

How to get there: Park in Compton Dando village in the vicinity of the The Compton pub.

From the A4 Bristol to Bath road take the A38 to Corston at a roundabout at ST 7011 6534. After 2.4 miles turn R to Compton Dando at ST 6680 6402. Continue straight ahead to enter village.

From the junction of A37 & A368 at ST6253 6182 go along the A368 towards Bath. Continue on for 1.5 miles passing through Chelwood to first road on left at ST 6493 6172 signposted to Hunstrete. Go through Hunstrete to road on right at ST 6431 6319. Take this road for 0.8 miles to "T" junction. Go right into Compton Dando.