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Waypoint Map Reference Bearing to next waypoint
START ST 7210 7020 66


ST 7240 7036


WP2 ST 7297 7031 109
WP3 ST 7410 7000 169
WP4 ST 7421 6957 139
WP5 ST 7440 6938 157
WP6 ST 7484 6849 255
WP7 ST 7454 6839 255
WP8 ST 7425 6829 285
WP9 ST 7356 6843 280
WP10 ST 7277 6852 312
WP11 ST 7257 6868 292
WP12 ST 7211 6883 241
WP13 ST 7131 6831 199
WP14 ST 7125 6809 311
WP15 ST 7015 6894 41
WP16 ST 7028 6911 82
WP17 ST 7171 6940 75
WP18 ST 7189 6946 20
START ST 7210 7020 -
General:- As the last gasp of the Cotswold Way plunges down onto Bath this 7.9 mile route treats you to some of the best views this much loved national trial has to offer. It doesn't come without some pain though, there are some steep climbs. The path is good for all times of the year and it's easy to follow. The topograph at waypoint 14 is good if you know what to look for. The landmarks are over thirty miles away, take binoculars if you have them.

Near the start is the site of the 1643 civil war battle fought at Lansdown. A huge Royalist army attacked a much smaller force of Roundheads entrenched at the top of the hill. Although the Royalists won the day they suffered tremendous losses from which they never recovered. There are excellent descriptive plaques that bring the area to life. Particularly poignant is the story of two opposing commanders who had been close friends in childhood. Close by is the memorial to Sir Bevill Grenville who was mortally wounded in the fight. The text on the monument is badly decayed but I remember reading it 20 years ago thinking it was so flattering he must have written it himself!

(GPS length 7.37 miles). Pub at halfway point.

How to get there: Park in the layby where it is signposted Sir Bevill Grenville Monument. From Bath take the A4 to Chippenham. After .3 mile turn left to Lansdown at ST 7488 6517. After .6 miles fork left to Lansdown at ST 7470 6607. Continue up steep hill & pass race course on left. Look for layby on right soon after. From the A420 Bristol to Chippenham road turn south on a road 0.8 miles east of the A46/ A420 cross roads at ST 7319 7270. Go down  and then up a steep hill to "T" junction at ST 7228 7057. Turn left uphill to layby on left at top of the hill