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Waypoint Map Reference Bearing (magnetic)
START ST 7336 6163 191


ST 7330 6125


WP2 ST 7455 6124 76
WP3 ST 7511 6142 45
WP4 ST 7523 6155 86
WP5 ST 7592 6165 83
WP6 ST 7633 6173 147
WP7 ST 7651 6150 209
WP8 ST 7612 6068 256
WP9 ST 7483 6026 305
WP10 ST 7457 6042 316
WP11 ST 7425 6071 222
WP12 ST 7378 6012 276
WP13 ST 7354 6013 303
WP14 ST 7300 6043 38
WP15 ST 7340 6103 340
WP1 ST 7330 6125 11
START ST 7336 6163 -
General:- This 7 mile route has a bit of everything the Bath hinterland can offer; wooded valleys, streams, derelict canals, yet surprisingly there are no steep climbs. The path passes through a short but narrow tunnel soon after waypoint 14 and a shallow stream shares the route. Large stepping stones make passage easy under normal conditions, although I would recommend a torch, but after sustained periods of rain it is not suitable for children or less able adults; Leave it for summer days is my advice. If you need to avoid this section carry straight on at waypoint 13 to rejoin the route at waypoint 15.

South Stoke is a beautiful village worthy of a film location but I don't recall it being one; it has a very good pub too.

Much of the walk after waypoint 8 follows the Limestone Link route. The path runs alongside the old Somerset Coal Canal; one of the most successful in the country, it was carrying over 100,000 tons of coal per year in the the 1820's.There were two arms to the canal from Midford. Just before waypoint 10 you can see a lonely bridge (actually an aqueduct) in a field over to your left where the canal peeled off to Radstock. The upper arm which our route follows went to Paulton via 22 locks at Combe Hay, you can still see the remains of these locks. If you want to learn more of the canal's history go to www.tjhomepages.users.btopenworld.com/historya.html

Pub at halfway point.

How to get there: Park in the Odd Down park and ride. When it's not open on Sunday's park in Combe Hay Lane. The car park lies on the A367 just SW of Bath. The Combe Hay Park & Ride is well signposted whichever way you approach it.