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Waypoint Map Reference Bearing to next waypoint
START SS 8833 4675 102


SS 8863 4670


WP2 SS 8884 4645 144
WP3 SS 8894 4632 187
WP4 SS 8889 4575 157
WP5 SS 8899 4554 84
WP6 SS 8906 4555 185
WP7 SS 8905 4535 202
WP8 SS 8870 4440 149
WP9 SS 8903 4390 268
WP10 SS 8874 4388 256
WP11 SS 8830 4375 248
WP12 SS 8789 4357 317
WP13 SS 8721 4425 314
WP14 SS 8682 4460 334
WP15 SS 8668 4486 52
WP16 SS 8695 4508 5
WP17 SS 8697 4543 73
WP18 SS 8724 4552 47
WP19 SS 8749 4578 86
WP20 SS 8843 4587 16
WP15 SS 8863 4670 282
START SS 8833 4675 -
General:- A lot of this 7.6 mile walk is through woodland and sheltered, if the weather is poor or you fancy forest autumn tints try this route. Stoke Pero church is noted for being the highest and most isolated church on Exmoor. Don't underestimate this one, there are a lot of stiff climbs up steep hills.

For me Porlock is the heart of Exmoor, it represents the way of life and perhaps more important the quality of life of the area. There is nothing flashy about Porlock, at first sight the shops look quite mundane but when you look a little deeper something magical happens. There is an ironmongers that's stuffed full of everyday items to the point you can hardly walk around, the sort of place you could but "fork candles", I have often heard it said. Myrtlebury's tea rooms, again nothing flashy, but real tea (not tea bags). Oh and there's a butcher too, and a baker! I could go on, but it's best you find out for yourself, it will put a smile on your face.

 (GPS length 6.1 miles) Plenty of restaurants, cafe's & pubs in Porlock.

How to get there: From Minehead drive along the A39 and enter Porlock. Just as you exit the town the road forks three ways. To the right is Porlock Weir, to the left is the A39 up Porlock Hill and straight ahead is a narrow road. Take this and 100 mtrs on the right is the village hall carpark. From Countisbury drop down the exceptionally steep Porlock Hill to a narrow section as you enter the town. Here turn left to the village hall.