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Waypoint Map Reference Bearing to next waypoint
START SS 7527 4965 294


SS 7474 4986


WP2 SS 7445 4966 260
WP3 SS 7364 4949 231
WP4 SS 7357 4943 283
WP5 SS 7307 4953 285
WP6 SS 7257 4965 226
WP7 SS 7241 4949 116
WP8 SS 7288 4928 134
WP9 SS 7299 4918 121
WP10 SS 7361 4884 114
WP11 SS 7378 4877 182
WP12 SS 7386 8720 96
WP13 SS 7443 4868 115
WP14 SS 7457 4862 22
WP15 SS 7473 4905 9
WP16 SS 7480 4961 348
WP1 SS 7474 4986 114
START SS 7527 4965 -
General:- This 5.5 mile is a glorious combination of the finest coastal cliff walking and riverside path on Exmoor, it's a particular favourite of mine and I'll never grow tired of it. The best time of year to see it is late August early September when the Heather and Gorse are in flower, even better after a heavy rainstorm when the East Lynn River comes thundering down the gorge. In 1952 heavy rainfall high up on the moors nearly brought an end to Lynmouth. Fallen trees dammed the river, holding back the water, when the the trees gave way a  tremendous surge of water swept down and the rivers burst their banks where the East and West Lyn rivers join in the centre of Lynmouth. The town was partially swept away and 36 people lost their lives. In a small room at the side of Watersmeet house there is a narrative of the catastrophe with text and pictures to show how the close Lynmouth came to obliteration.

The Sandpiper Inn used to be a haven for walkers but it has changed hands recently and I would not recommend it. We found the accommodation poor and the food OK at the weekends but unacceptable during the week. They have now begun preventing walkers using the car park opposite. Last time I visited Exmoor I heard a rumour that it was losing money and up for sale, what could have brought that about I wonder! I suggest you do what many others have done and take your custom to more friendly premises. 

I (GPS length 4.19 miles). Plenty of restaurants, cafe's & pubs in Lynmouth and a National Trust restaurant at Watersmeet.

How to get there: From Porlock you follow the A39 for 7 miles up a very steep hill and onto the high moor passing the County Gate car park on your left. /then you see a road to Brendon on your left at SS7613 4922. continue straight on passing a track on the right soon after. At the next track turn right into the Barna Barrow car park. From Lynmouth go up a steep hill to pass the Sandpiper Inn on your right after 1.7 miles go left on the next track to Barna barrow.