Waypoint Map Reference Bearing to next waypoint
START SP 0947 2466 331


SP 0937 2482


WP2 SP 0909 2533 263
WP3 SP 0896 2530 318
WP4 SP 0822 2602 302
WP5 SP 0773 2628 316
WP6 SP 0704 2694 227
WP7 SP 0660 2646 266
WP8 SP 0581 2634 225
WP9 SP 0574 2626 193
WP10 SP 0564 2561 166
WP11 SP 0597 2460 163
WP12 SP 0648 2332 86
WP13 SP 0808 2354 115
WP14 SP 0827 2347 108
WP15 SP 0851 2341 105
WP16 SP 0914 2329 93
WP17 SP 0938 2329 105
WP18 SP 0987 2319 32
WP19 SP 1018 2378 317
WP20 SP 0980 2414 332
START SP 0947 2466 -
General:- This 8.9 mile circular route is a gentle amble that's not too demanding and much favoured by families with their children, consequently the paths are well used and easy to find. It's so typical of what I love about the Cotswolds but so difficult to put into words. Much of its drifts through woodland with tantalising glimpses of other vistas beyond the trees, and when you do get into open country the patchwork colours of woodland and field combine with the villages to give a blend that oozes everything British. Yes that's it, a true taste of England. This route is a little off the beaten track, Guiting Power is small, nice, and not beset by hordes with cameras. There is a pub in the village. GPS length 8.43 miles.  

Gloucestershire County Council know that much of their rural economy is based on tourism, as a result they take their paths seriously and have got this message across to local landowners. Consequently the paths are well signposted and happily bereft of obstruction. This makes you feel welcome, as if they want to share their countryside with you. For example; the village hall car park at Guiting Power, they could put up a sign saying "no parking", instead they offer it for your use and ask for a donation to the village hall upkeep. I'm happy to pay, just to help preserve what they have got (or is it what we have got!), make sure you put something in the box too.

How to get there:- From the A249 to Bourton on the Water take the A436 to Andoversford at SP 1580 2074. Take the second Rd right at SP 1132 2094 to Guiting Power. Continue on to cross roads with the B4068 at SP 1044 2311. Go straight over and on to "T" junction at SP 1011 2373. Turn right then take the first left at SP 0987 2444. This takes you into Guiting Power. Follow car park signs into the centre of the village and turn left towards the church. Park in village hall on the right.