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Waypoint Map Reference Bearing to next waypoint
START SO 8777 0875 43


SO 8783 0881


WP2 SO 8831 0892 129
WP3 SO 8866 0867 52
WP4 SO 8956 0947 146
WP5 SO 8985 0909 336
WP6 SO 9011 0893 108
WP7 SO 9023 0890 224
WP8 SO 8991 0852 194
WP9 SO 8985 0818 303
WP10 SO 8977 0823 242
WP11 SO 8938 0798 270
WP12 SO 8906 0795 292
WP13 SO 8874 0805 273
WP14 SO 8850 0804 303
WP15 SO 8820 0820 304
WP16 SO 8795 0834 351
WP17 SO 8792 0852 332
START SO 8777 0875 -
General:- We like to vary the length of our walks to suit different tastes. This 4.3 mile circular route is shorter than most but it feels longer than it is, ideal for a half day. Walking in the Slad valley has a remote quality, there are no towns or villages, you feel miles from civilisation. 

The author Laurie Lee lived in this area. His most famous work "Cider with Rosie" related to his childhood experiences wandering the paths on this route, you might recognise some of it. Rosie herself was never named, if you meet an old lady, look twice, you never know!

There are a number short sharp hills on this route but they are followed by flat sections to get your breath back. Most of the paths are well used but some are indistinct and you need to follow the instructions carefully, we have tried to give as many landmark as possible so look out for them. The rivers and streams in this area can dry up, they may show on our map but not be seen on the ground. Grading between paths and tracks on this route was difficult, many are a bit of each and look different at various times of the year. If you want to practice compass work this is an ideal route, there are easy sections to practice technique and short more obscure ones to test yourself. Sadly there are no pubs. (GPS length 4.03 miles)

How to get there:- Park in the layby at Bulls Cross. From the north take the B4070 from Birdlip and follow it to Bulls Cross. From Stroud turn off the A419 onto the A46 at SO 8447 0522. Follow the A46 for .5 mile to roundabout at SO 8509 0559. Take 2nd exit signposted to Slad (do not follow the signs to the railway station). Continue up this narrow road for 2.8 milest to Bulls Cross.