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Waypoint Map Reference Bearing to next waypoint
START SP 0874 0964 163


SP 0914 0862


WP2 SP 0929 0863 136
WP3 SP 0954 0841 142
WP4 SP 0967 0826 31
WP5 SP 1023 0936 72
WP6 SP 1074 0957 40
WP7 SP 1104 0999 334
WP8 SP 1049 1091 236
WP9 SP 0958 1019 263
WP10 SP 0887 1004 185
WP11 SP 0886 0963 285
START SP 0874 0964 -

General:- This 5 mile circular route starts with the hamlets of Coln Rogers and Winson. I could have used more footpaths to cut out this section of road walking but the villages are little gems, they ooze the charm that is so typical of the Cotswolds, why miss out on that.

Coln Rogers, what wonderful name. Being on the river Coln it was natural to include it in it's name, you will see other villages in the area using it too. The second half of its title came from a 10th century Norman knight called Roger of Gloucester who, having been fatally wounded,  bequeathed the manor to the church for "the good of his soul." Although the word "media" had not been invented the Abbot knew what was expected and named the village after his sponsor, committing him to eternity. Imagine what would happen today if a Nike of Gloucester felt the same way, would the church oblige? Hhhmm!

Soon after you leave Waypoint 4 you encounter a long shallow valley that is equally typical of the Cotswold countryside. I believe these are dried up rivers, indicating yet another link with current trends.

Don't worry about the road section between waypoints 7& 8, it's very quiet and soon over. There is a tricky bit at waypoint 10 that goes down a driveway. Judging by the signs on an adjoining field gate I imagine the correct route has been set after a fierce battle between the landowners, please use the correct route to keep the peace. GPS route length 4.7 miles

How to get there :- Turn off the A429 1.3 miles south of Fossebridge at SP 0688 0953. Soon after take the first left at SP 0706 0935. When you get to the "T" junction at SP 0858 0975 turn right to Colne Rogers. Go straight over at next cross roads down rd marked "Saxon church no through road. Park in church car park 100 mtrs further on on left.