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Waypoint Map Reference Bearing to next waypoint
START SP 0525 1204 11


SP 5350 1253


WP2 SP 05110 1321 61
WP3 SP 0560 1348 106
WP4 SP 0714 1305 82
WP5 SP 0806 1318 130
WP6 SP 0824 1303 165
WP7 SP 0837 1255 191
WP8 SP 0824 1185 199
WP9 SP 0816 1163 202
WP10 SP 0804 1131 255
WP11 SP 0694 1101 320
WP12 SP 0620 1127 289
WP13 SP 0594 1154 308
WP14 SP 0520 1194 300
START SP 0525 1204 -
General:- This 6.4 mile walk is one of my favourites, I always come away with a warm glow at the end, it's like being in a separate world, as if the landscape is trying to cosset me. The hills are gentle, the views idyllic, even the weather is always kind to me. If you don't have walks that do this to you I pity you, get out more!

Don't miss a tour of the villa it is the finest in the country. Although it has little more than knee high high walls and a few mosaics it's easy to understand the layout and Roman lifestyle, particularly if you visit the audio visual presentation. The villa is large. Built in 400AD it has 3 wings arranged around a courtyard, the 4th open side gives fine views down a gentle valley. I have always admired the Roman who decided to build his villa on this site, he certainly knew how to choose the right spot, sheltered and tranquil is how I would sum it up, oh yes, I could live in a place like this.

The section between waypoints 7 & 9 can be a little difficult as the path runs through a wood, read the directions and map carefully. Don't be put off by this, if you lose the path head towards the sound of traffic until you hit the main road and turn right, this will bring you back on course at Fosse Bridge. Better still use your compass as an aid.  (GPS length 5.9 miles). 2 Pubs.

How to get there: Park near the church or in one of the small lay-bys dotted about the village. Turn off the A429 about 0.8 miles south of Fosse Bridge at SP 0734 1026. At the next junction, SP 0669 1066, take the left fork and go on to a cross roads at SP 0525 1141. Turn right and take the first left at SP 0539 1167. This takes you downhill to the Three Tuns pub.