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Waypoint Map Reference Bearing to next waypoint
START ST 8892 9300 300


ST 8876 9307


WP2 ST 8866 9276 245
WP3 ST 8753 9212 224
WP4 ST 8671 9116 205
WP5 ST 8658 9082 256
WP6 ST 8443 9010  126
WP7 ST 8550 8944 97
WP8 ST 8723 8934 66
WP9 ST 8772 8959 104
WP10 ST 8822 8950 91
WP11 ST 8897  8954 34
WP12 ST 8973 9083 342
WP13 ST 8944 9153 356
WP14 ST 8933 9218 1
WP15 ST 8930 9289 289
START ST 8892 9300 -
General:- This 9.4 mile circular route is very flat and you might think that would make a boring walk, not so, there's a lot too see. For a start the path runs along the edge of Prince Charles' home, Highgrove House. You can see the beautifully manicured estate grounds, march up and down a few times and pretend you're royalty, get the flavour of it. Am I envious, no, I prefer my freedom. Look to the left before you get to waypoint 3 and you will see a strange heron like bird mounted on a stone pillar. A local told it me was originally sited outside a London railway station, HRH took a liking to it and, er, well, there it is now in his garden, not sure that's accurate (is it really a heron?), can anyone tell me more? 

The highlight of this walk is Westonbirt Arboretum. There are 600 acres of trees from all over the world here, and in the autumn the colours are fantastic. If you plan to walk around the arboretum as well allow at least two hours for it. There is an entrance fee but you may not realise it, take the road uphill just before the plant centre to reach the ticket booth. The have a good restaurant too.

Tetbury is such a sleepy town that I always expect to hear snoring when I walk through it. If you like antique shops Tetbury has them, there is a museum too. (GPS length 9.07 miles). Pub at the end.

How to get there: Park in the Church street car park. Getting to Tetbury is easy, directions are not needed, but once you get there the roads are confusing and signposting is poor. Look for the Markethouse in the centre of the town, it's an old building on stone pillars. Then head down church Street following signs to  Tourist Information or long stay car park. Opposite the Church is the Tourist Information Centre on a corner, turn down the short road passing the centre on your left to reach the Church street car park.