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Waypoint Map Reference Bearing to next waypoint
START SO 8926 1481 150


SO 8979 1404


WP2 SO 9111 1359 75
WP3 SO 9207 1392 27
WP4 SO 9216 1414 28
WP5 SO 9240 1469 176
WP6 SO 9243 1453 353
WP7 SO 9232 1507 326
WP8 SO 9229 1510 185
WP9 SO 9229 1496 322
WP10 SO 9213 1514 274
WP11 SO 9171 1514 302
WP12 SO 9131 1535 248
WP13 SO 9115 1527 221
WP14 SO 9091 1494 274
WP15 SO 9060 1494 230
WP16 SO 9036 1470 255
WP17 SO 8926 1481 287
WP18 SO 9008 1460 291
START SO 8926 1481 -

This 5.7 mile walk is a little different from the Cotswold norm and can be divided into two halves. The first half follows the Cotswold Way through a beech wood. Navigation in this type of woodland can be difficult due to numerous paths but Witcombe Wood is well waymarked, if you follow the yellow arrows with white dots all will be well. 

The second half passes through Great Witcombe and its reservoir, its this stretch of water that makes the route different, large lakes are rare in the Cotswolds.

Coopers Hill is famous for it's cheese rolling. Contestants gather at the top near the post with a cockerel on top. A large cheese is released and  everyone runs downhill after it. Few make it without falling and many get badly injured, broken legs and arms are common. Nobody knows how old the event is but some believe it goes back to Roman times. It will come as no surprise to discover that no one knows why it takes place but the tradition is very strong and has only been cancelled twice in the last 500 years. In 2003 the event was cancelled because Rapid UK, a search and rescue organisation, were attending an earthquake in Peru and insurers deemed the cheese rolling too dangerous to hold without them! (GPS length 5.3 miles).

How to get there: Park at Coopers Hill car park. Turn off east from the A46 1.5 miles south of Green Street at SO 8870 1470 signposted Coopers Hill. Go straight over cross roads at SO 8896 1487 and continue on for 0.2 miles then look for car park on your right.