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Waypoint Map Reference Bearing to next waypoint
START SO 9402 1233 337


SO 9397 1243


WP2 SO 9454 1245 122
WP3 SO 9495 1223 204
WP4 SO 9477 1174 190
WP5 SO 9470 1102 196
WP6 SO 9464 1074 248
WP7 SO 9405 1045 295
WP8 SO 9255 1103 314
WP9 SO 9229 1125 342
WP10 SO 9198 1202 7
WP11 SO 9199 1220 81
WP12 SO 9392 1264 166
START SO 9402 1233 -
General:- This 5.7 mile walk is easy to follow and flat so its ideal for those new to outdoor walking. Its mainly broad track with hardly any mud and there's plenty of shade from the trees for a hot summers day, in short, so it's good for any time of year. How would I describe this route. Well; imagine you are a landowner taking a walk on his estate, see what's going on in the woodland, check the crops, have a meander past the stream, stop by a few estate houses and then back home for tea, that's what it feels like to me.

Brimsfield and Caudle Green are tiny hamlets with nothing of note, no pub or shop, just a few houses living in a backwater and they like it that way.

(GPS length 5.35 miles). 

How to get there: Turn off the A417 at SO 9500 1232 signposted Brimpsfield. As you enter village fork left at SO 9395 1273.Pass road on right and park on wide grass verge well away from the access to Brimpsfield Park. Leave sufficient space for lorries and tractors with trailers to swing out wide as they enter or exit the farm road.