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Waypoint Map Reference Bearing to next waypoint
START ST 8489 9960 157


ST 8496 9944


WP2 ST 8515 9933 143
WP3 ST 8578 9860 27
WP4 ST 8591 9890 111
WP5 ST 8611 9884 100
WP6 ST 8668 9878 125
WP7 ST 8781 9810 187
WP8 ST 8781 9800 217
WP9 ST 8767 9778 269
WP10 ST 8731 9774 220
WP11 ST 8702 9734 226
WP12 ST 8680 9709 239
WP13 ST 8646 9685 268
WP14 ST 8623 9682 255
WP15 ST 8595 9672 345
WP16 ST 8545 9817 319
WP17 ST 8503 9858 358
WP18 ST 8495 9936 352
START ST 8489 9960 -
General:- This 6.1 mile has a quiet peaceful quality, it's hard to believe you're not miles away from civilisation. It's flat but full of the finest Cotswold countryside and it's also very easy to follow. Ideal for a picnic on a sunny day. For me the walk is always over too quickly and I have tried to extend it but this inevitably meant leaving some of the best bits out so I dropped the idea.

At Owl Cottage, just after waypoint 10, you are presented with an interesting dilemma. Although the public right of way and thereby the legal route passes down the drive right past the front door the owner offers walkers an alternative route away from his house. The landowner has made no attempt to block the legal route and as I never feel happy about walking so close to a persons house I take the alternative he offers, on the other hand you are entitled to use the proper footpath, make your choice! A word of warning on the alternative, I have seen it flooded, check first.

When parking in Nailsworth make sure you park in the long stay car park behind the police station, others in the town are only 2hrs parking.

(GPS length 5.8 miles). Pub in Avening.

How to get there: Park in long stay car park. Enter Nailsworth on the A46. At the bottom of the valley where the B4014 joins at a crossroad ST8505 9954 turn off the A46 up Springhill (signposted towards the railway station and town centre) almost immediately turn left and look for the police station on your right, park behind that.