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Waypoint Map Reference Bearing to next waypoint
START SP 0551 1339 254


SP 0506 1322


WP2 SP 0468 1414 25
WP3 SP 0485 1457 11
WP4 SP 0487 1475 304
WP5 SP 0467 1486 316
WP6 SP 0459 1493 249
WP7 SP 0433 1480 266
WP8 SP 0362 1469 331
WP9 SP 0343 1499 336
WP10 SP 0323 1537 266
WP11 SP 0297 1533 231
WP12 SP 0256 1494 237
WP13 SP 0198 1449 127
WP14 SP 0350 1349 134
WP15 SP 0389 1317 131
WP16 SP 0435 1283 86
WP17 SP 0471 1289 50
Wp1 SP 0506 1322 73
START SP 0551 1339 -
General:- This 6.9 mile circular route is another of my favourites and runs adjacent to route G09. Have a look at my comments on the G09 Information page they apply equally to this walk too. Don't miss a visit to the villa. The car park is open between April & Nov but closed on Mondays. If it is closed park in the lay-by on the road up to the villa. (GPS length 6.23 miles). Pub in Withington.

The track between waypoints 1& 2 takes you through a "coppiced" wood. The trees have been cut down to a few feet above the ground and new growth can be be seen sprouting from the stump (or stool). You can see how effective this ancient method of harvesting wood can be. Just as in your garden regular pruning encourages good health and the trees are growing fast, oak can grow up to 2.5 Mtrs a year after coppicing. The continuous cycle of light and shade suits woodland flowers such as Primrose, Oxlip and Anemones. Sadly, the idea of harvesting wood cuts across the ideals of many so-called environmentalists, they would have the woods left alone to wither and die. I would argue that wood is the most eco friendly material and as for destroying the woodland, well, visit Withington Woods on a spring day and judge for yourself.

Keep a lookout for the ditch running around the wood between waypoints 13 & 14. Young shoots in a coppiced wood are the favoured food for many farm animals. In Medieval times woods were surrounded by a ditch with a small fence on top to keep animals out. So a ditch is a good clue suggesting an ancient wood.

How to get there: Park in the Woodland car park on the approach road to the Roman Villa. It's signposted from the A429 but some of the sign are small. Follow the A429 to a road 250 Mtrs south of Fossebridge at SP 0794 1117, signposted to Yanworth. Fork right at the first "T" junction at SP 0763 1183. Go straight over the next cross roads at SP 0767 1265. Turn left at the next "T" junction at SP 0737 1366. Continue on for 1 1/2 miles to road on left to Roman Villa.