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Waypoint Map Reference Bearing to next waypoint
START SP 1701 2084 339


SP 1662 2164


WP2 SP 1658 2247 299
WP3 SP 1638 2256 318
WP4 SP 1567 2322 284
WP5 SP 1552 2324 348
WP6 SP 1525 2418 269
WP7 SP 1487 2413 272
WP8 SP 1344 2408 289
WP9 SP 1265 2428 187
WP10 SP 1264 2398 250
WP11 SP 1185 2361 181
WP12 SP 1188 2314 278
WP13 SP 1174 2314 182
WP14 SP 1176 2273 104
WP15 SP 1291 2254 133
WP16 SP 1355 2201 66
WP17 SP 1378 2213 135
WP18 SP 1479 2126 76
WP19 SP 1503 2134 130
WP20 SP 1523 2119 108
WP21 SP 1604 2098 102
START SP 1701 2084 -
General:- This 10 mile walk can be regarded as the Cotswold classic. Although Bourton on the Water itself is crowded with tourists this is more than made up by the perfection of Upper & Lower Slaughter, if you only have time for one walk in the Cotswolds make it this one. The path can be busy, I have passed over a hundred people walking this circuit, The path is exceptionally well signposted, it follows the "Wardens' Way from waypoint 1 to Naunton and finishes on the Windrush Way.

There is a "beware of the bull" sign at waypoint 8.  It is illegal to put a bull in a field if a public footpath goes across it. The landowner knows this and I would be very surprised to see a bull in there, I believe he is only trying to frighten you off using the path, don't let him do it. The mere fact that he has a sign on the gate is unlawful, it is a statement that he intends to break the law and Gloucestershire County Council should make the landowner at Brockhill Farm remove it or prosecute him. If you have any problem send a complaint to Gloucestershire County Council, Environmental Dept. Shire Hall, Gloucestershire, GL1 2TH. Tel 01452 425535. E mail prow@gloucestershire.gov.uk State what happened and give location map reference SP1344 2408

Keep your eye on the narrow stream on your left just after waypoint 14. It is in fact the river Windrush, watch how it grows in size, by the time you get back to Bourton on the Water it will be a river, but where did all the water come from? (GPS length 9.2 miles). Pub at Naunton.

How to get there: It's easy to find. Turn off the A429 at SP 1594 2089 to get to the village. Do not park in the first car park on the right, there is a much cheaper one on the left 50 metres further on.