What's different about Walker's Web Routes?

Everything on two sheets of paper:- Traditional maps and walking guides are bulky and difficult to handle in wind or rain. Much of the fine detail is hard to decipher on the move, particularly if you wear glasses. What a hiker really needs is: a simple sketch map, tips on obscure sections of the route, something easy to stuff in a pocket and waypoint map references. Now you have it with a Walkweb route. We get everything on two sheets of A4 paper including an easy to read colour map of the route. If it gets ruined, print another! Go to our ROUTES page, select a County, chose a route from the selection page and print the map.

A Different perspective:- We make our maps as simple as possible by concentrating on landmarks and difficult sections of the route. This gives a better feel of the way things are on the ground without getting you bogged down with pages of text or complicated maps. By definition, if you simplify a map you have to leave something out and we are no different. It is important to note that we do not produce definitive and highly detailed maps, if you want those to supplement our information visit the ORDNANCE SURVEY website where you will find map details and your nearest stockist. Alternatively try WWW.STREETMAP.CO.UK

Driven by the web user - for the web user:- Constant update, that's what we believe in, but we need your help. Walker's Web gets feedback from its users, if the route has changed you get to hear about it the next time you download. Your feedback information also helps us to supply the best routes in the most user friendly fashion and it's the simplest way to get your own walks on the web so please contribute yours by going to the E MAIL US page.

Special Features for Navigation:- It's always useful to have additional help with navigation, we include compass bearings on the Route Information Pages, if you want to learn how to use a compass go to our NAVIGATION page. GPS is another useful aid. Now they are becoming more affordable people want Waypoint map references to set the GPS up. We provide these for each route on the "Route Information" page and our GPS TIPS offer help if you are new to their use. We show the OS grid lines, you may want to use your GPS for a little map making of your own. 

Where to eat and sleep:- Some of our routes offer information on pubs and tea shops close to your path. If it is available it will be displayed on the "route information sheet". If you are looking for somewhere to stay at short notice try the  ENGLISH TOURIST BOARD website, Select the information office nearest your destination and give them a call. They offer an excellent service and are very adept at matching your needs.