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START ST 8610 6192  201
WP1 ST 8600 6161 221
WP2 ST 8559 6101 175
WP3 ST 8558 6085 75
WP4 ST 8611 6101 81
WP5 ST 8796 6145 61
WP6 ST 8820 6161 2
WP7 ST 8821 6208 346
WP8 ST 8803 6254 352
WP9 ST 8795 6290 318
WP10 ST 8784 6309 288
WP11 ST 8611 6349 174
WP12 st 8615 6317 193
WP13 ST 8605 6255 198
WP14 ST 8595 6214 150
START ST 8610 6192  -
General:- This is a very pleasant easy to follow 6.2 mile walk on level ground, ideal for those new to outdoor walking. Much of it follows the River Avon and there are a number of interesting items along the route to tempt the curious traveller so allow extra time.

"The Courts" in Holt is owned by the National Trust. Nowadays it is know for its gardens but the house got its name from the court that sat there to settle disputes amongst weavers in the locality.

The Pack Horse Bridge at Wp7 looks of normal proportions until you walk up to it and realise it is far too narrow for even a horse cart. It was designed for pack horses and must have been a major thoroughfare in its day, probably for carrying wool to local markets. Its in very good condition, even the roadway looks original, its a gem, you won't find a better one in Wiltshire.

Great Chalfield is also owned by the National Trust. It's a fine medieval manor house with outbuildings, moat, and chapel that combine to give a very clear insight into medieval life. Inside it just oozes history, nothing has changed for hundreds of years. Its the sort of place you expect to be used in a film set, such a pity that the opening times are so restricted, if you want to visit check first.

There are other items too. The little church at Whaddon, the iron bridge soon after, you may find others.

(GPS length 5.63  miles)

How to get there: Take the B3107 Melksham to Bradford on Avon road. When you reach Holt turn off into "The Midlands" road @ ST 8613 6185 where it is signed "carpark". Park in village carpark 25yds on R.