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Map Reference

Bearing Magnetic

START SU 0039 6180 97
WP1 SU 0062 6179 32
WP2 SU 0127 6302 355
WP3 SU 0122 6334 345
WP4 SU 0102 6391 331
WP5 SU 0045 6477 251
WP6 SU 0003 6459 31
WP7 SU 0027 6507 340
WP8 SU 0023 6517 290
WP9 ST 9915 6548 140
WP10 ST 9959 6502 152
WP11 SU 0059 6344 -248
WP12 ST 9967 6299 176
WP13 ST 9981 6198 164
WP14 ST 9989 6176 89
START SU 0039 6180 -
General:- This 7.4 mile walk has stunning views from the top but it is exposed, a windy or cold day will be exhilarating to say the least. There is one steep section but this should not deter anyone from trying the walk. 

As with many so called castles in Wiltshire, Oliver's Castle is only an iron age earthwork fortress, don't expect to see a castle built of stone . It'is named after Oliver Cromwell, not because he was ever there but after a Civil War battle in 1643 when the King's Royalist cavalry met the Parliamentary forces near the old earthwork. I've heard two versions of what happened that day. Some say the Roundheads lined the escarpment with infantry and when the Royalist cavalry charged they saw the drop too late and went over the edge. Others say the Roundheads ran in terror at the sight of cavalry and the Royalists named it Runaway Hill as a result. Whatever you believe, the Roundheads lost!

GPS users should note that the map reference suffix changes from SU to ST during this walk. An explanation of this can be found in our Navigation section.

How to get there: From Chippenham or Melksham. After crossing canal turn L by Wadworths Brewery onto A361 to Swindon. Almost immediately turn L @ signpost to Wharf Theatre & park @ SU 0039 6180. From Swindon. Cross canal and turn R at roundabout (SU 0080 6142) onto A342 to Chippenham. Pass church on R then turn R into Wharf Theatre carpark. From Andover & Salisbury. At roundabout (SU 0080 6142) where it joins A361 to Swindon take second exit onto A342 to Chippenham. Pass church on R then turn R into Wharf Theatre car park.