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The route is currently blocked. Difficulties passing around Norton Manor Farm and Ladyswood Farm have forced us to take the unprecedented step of telling Walkweb users to avoid walking this route. We have left the map on this site so you can view the areas affected.



Waypoint Map Reference Bearing Magnetic
START ST 8541 8600 159


ST 8549 8583


WP2 ST 8597 8608 121
WP3 ST 8640 8586 42
WP4 ST 8686 8644 355
WP5 ST 8683 8663 15
WP6 ST 8775 8721 69
WP7 ST 8724 8700 71
WP8 ST 8775 8721 81
WP9 ST 8802 8728 85
WP10 ST 8850 8735 131
WP11 ST 8892 8703 130
WP12 ST 8940 8668 173
WP13 ST 8953 8599 277
WP14 ST 8936 8600 206
WP15 ST 8880 8460 234
WP16 ST 8870 8452 304
WP17 ST 8863 8456 286
WP18 ST 8751 8480 296
WP19 ST 8627 8529 285
WP20 ST 8582 8538 330
START ST 8541 8600 -

General:- Route length 7.5 miles. If you have ever wondered where the Cotswolds end you will find the answer on this walk. As you climb up from the river at Waypoint 9 you leave behind the wooded Cotswold valleys and see the landscape flatten into agricultural fields.

For me, the gem of this walk is Easton Grey. You enter this small Cotswold village almost by accident, as if you have discovered some secret haven that is yours to treasure. Easton Grey House stands in perfect isolation above the river, oh how I dream to look down into the valley from one of its windows. 

The section between Waypoints 16 & 18 have few landmarks of note so if you have a compass take it with you to ease navigation; it helps a lot in finding stiles. Just set it to the bearing shown in the table opposite and line up the arrows as described on the NAVIGATION page and off you go. In summer you could be wading though fields of corn, although this may seem romantic remember the seed pods are very rough and your legs will soon get sore, avoid shorts.

Some of the streams and rivers shown on the map dry up in a good summer so be wary, look for dried river beds in this situation.

The Vine Tree pub in Norton has held an excellent reputation for years.

How to get there:- Park in Sherston high street. From the M4 J17 take A429 towards Malmesbury and follow signposts to Sherston just before low railway bridge. From Malmesbury do the reverse of this.