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Map Reference

Bearing to next waypoint

START ST 9261 5327


WP1 ST 9227 5318


WP2 ST 9236 5290 243
WP3 ST 9224 5283 134
WP4 ST 9276 5239 181
WP5 ST 9278 5203 179
WP6 ST 9288 5085 71
WP7 ST 9385 5127 342
WP8 ST 9378 5144 31
WP9 ST 9454 5296 93
WP10 ST 9496 5297 9
WP11 ST 9498 5318 16
WP12 ST9507 5360 254
WP13 ST 9492 5355 348
WP14 ST 9482 5390 267
Wp15 ST 9401 5380  252
Wp16 ST 9324 5349 255
START ST 9261 5327 -
General:- This walk is easy to follow and all but the section between Waypoints 14 to 15 runs on well maintained track or quiet roads. Consequently it is relatively free of mud in the winter. There is a long steep hill up from Waypoint 3, luckily, its impact can be softened by frequent stops to admire the wonderful view. There is nothing to fear from the army training area and those who expect to see world war 3 in progress will be disappointed.

The road coming in from the right at Waypoint 6 is all that remains of the road to Imber village. Imber was was catapulted into martyrdom in 1963 when public footpaths were closed to allow military training without endangering the public. . Even in the Cold War era this was barely acceptable, nowadays it is unthinkable. The debate over whether the army should use the Plain goes on. The army say they need it for regular troop training and claim lack of public access has allowed much wildlife to exist unmolested. The cynical wonder how this can be true if the area is in constant use for warfare. On this walk you will see sufficient to make up your own mind on the issue of more frequent access to the Plain for the public. (GPS length 6.16 miles)

How to get there:- On the B3098 from Westbury. As you enter Edington turn left at ST 9269 5308 soon after a footpath sign on the right that says "The Plain". Park at the church. On the B3098 from Devizes. As you enter Edington you will pass the Lamb Inn on the right, take the next right junction. This leads down to the church. Park at the church.