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Waypoint Map Reference Bearing to next waypoint
START ST 7486 3531 97


ST 7512 3529


WP2 ST 7637 3436 143
WP3 ST 7682 3384 88
WP4 ST 7725 3388 77
WP5 ST 7778 3404 232
WP6 ST 7770 3397 224
WP7 ST 7722 3339 183
WP8 ST77223315 182
WP9 ST 7725 3223 290
WP10 ST 7662 3241 235
WP11 ST 7623 3209 288
WP12 ST 7582 3220 325
WP13 ST 7484 3343 352
WP14 ST 7473 3397 13
WP15 ST 7477 3422 328
WP16 ST 7445 3466 345
WP17 ST 7432 3506 75
WP18 ST 7455 3514  65
START ST 7486 3531 -
General:- A 7.3 mile (10.3 miles if you are visiting Stourhead Gardens) undulating route that has a lot to offer. Unusually for Wiltshire much of it goes through woodland. Having said that it does afford some fine views of an area renowned for it's scenic beauty.The highlight must be Stourhead Gardens. It's generally rated as the finest landscape garden in Europe. Allow yourself to wander the additional 3 miles around its lake and stop for lunch at a temple or grotto. The gardens are best during May. You will have to pay an entrance fee but I have never known anyone disappointed, don't miss it.

Near the end of the walk is Alfred's Tower, a perfect folly if ever there was one. It's a tall four turreted tower that does absolutely nothing. There are no floors inside and only a narrow staircase to the top. You pay to go up and get a fair view, but even after reading the tower's history you are left wondering why it was built, did he just get up one morning and say "I know, let's build a tower on the estate where nobody can see it." GPS length 7.0 miles (excluding the gardens)

How to get there:- There is a wide variety of ways to approach the start, I will give the two most obvious ones.

From A303:- Turn off towards Stourhead on the B3092 at ST 7927 3230. Almost immediately turn right at a "T" junction then left towards Stourhead. Continue on, ignoring signs to Stourhead, and take the third road on the left by Caldcot Cottage @ ST 7825 3476. Take first left @ ST 7730 3545 and you will find carpark on right 1.8 miles further on.

From Bruton:- Take B3081 out of Bruton. Go left at first cross roads @ ST 7025 3340. Fork left at first junction @ ST 7229 3425 and go almost immediately right at "T" junction. Continue on for 1.7 miles to carpark on left.