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Waypoint Map Reference Bearing to next waypoint
START ST 8637 3876 289


ST 8628 3878


WP2 ST 8626 3890 304
WP3 ST 8581 3914 270
WP4 ST 8537 3911 226
WP5 ST 8459 3825 291
WP6 ST 8298 3877 312
WP7 ST 8274 3896 6
WP8 ST 8277 3986 94
WP9 ST 8422 3984 357
WP10 ST 8420 3995 84
WP11 ST 8571 4024 175
WP12 ST 8611 3895 132
START ST 8637 3876 -
General:- A 6.5 mile through an area known as "The Deverills" because so many of the villages have this in their name. It's renowned for its countryside but the landscape is hard to describe, mainly because of it's variety. One minute you are high up on open downland and the next dropping through a wood to a hidden valley or pretty village. The first half of this route is on downland and it's a long steady climb to get up there but then its an easy glide back home. To get the best out of it you need a clear sunny day. Avoid the winter, it's pretty bleak when the weather has a temper on.

Parking in Brixton Deverill is not easy. Try the area around the church and hunt around for a spare bit of grass verge. The village is small, there's not pub for refreshment. Take a picnic up onto the hills and while away the day in a glorious world of your own, I doubt if you will see anyone else.

GPS route length 6.29 miles.

How to get there:- Turn off the A350 at Longbridge Deverill @ ST 8694 4076 and Brixton Deverill is 1.2 miles further on.