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Waypoint Map Reference Bearing Magnetic
START ST 8279 6729  199


ST 8277 6723


WP2 ST 8275 6663 174
WP3 ST 8286 6601 165
WP4 ST 8301 6557 164
WP5 ST 8304 6547 119
WP6 ST 8325 6537 171
WP7 ST 835 6496 45
WP8 ST 8324 6480 229
WP9 ST 8290 6445 279
WP10 ST 8266 6446 326
WP11 ST 8198 6532 286
WP12 ST 8082 6556 320
WP13 ST 8067 6572 20
WP14 ST 8100 6683 39
WP15 ST 8118 6708 14
WP16 ST 8134 6794 124
WP17 ST 8163 6777 185
WP18 ST 8189 6730 39
WP219 ST 8210 6759 117
START ST 8279 6729 -
General :- This 7 mile circular walk was submitted by Bill Phillips, who lives on the route. The route follows the edge of a high plateau, giving good views with few hills to climb. Look for the Larkrise TV film set at Hatt Farm on your way between waypoints 1 & 2.

Part of the route follows the MacMillan Way, a 390 mile coast to coast route running diagonally across England from east to west. It was originally devised to raise funds for the Macmillan cancer charity, now it is fully way marked and has recently been extended with connecting loops to other major routes.

The most intriguing part of Monkton Farleigh is underground! Soon after you leave way point 13, two fields over to your left, you might just see the thin chimneys of a small factory like building. This is almost the only surface evidence of a massive 80 acre World War 2 secret underground ammunition dump, the largest in Europe. To conceal its operation trains entered nearby Box tunnel and diverted under Monkton Farleigh to unload. Suspicion over disappearing trains was prevented by a decoy train leaving the exit end of the tunnel as if it had made a normal passage. Nowadays this deceit would not be necessary, the train service is so erratic nobody would notice. If you want to see pictures of the ammunition dump go to www.undergroundkent.co.uk and select "outside Kent". 

You may think it odd to double back on yourself between waypoints 15 & 18. This has been added for the views westward from the golf course. If you want to shorten the route you can walk down the road from waypoint 15 and join up again at waypoint 19 but my advice is don't miss this.

There are  three pubs on the route.

How to get there:- From the junction of the A365 and the B3109 south east of Box at ST 8390 6711 take the road signposted to Kingsdown. Go up a hill and take the second road on the right to Longsplatt at ST 8289 6726. Almost immediately there is a small lay-by on the left, park there.