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Waypoint Map Reference Bearing to next waypoint
START ST 9433 6121 23


ST 9450 6169


WP2 ST 9654 6169 102
WP3 ST 9683 6165 187
WP4 ST 9681 6127 202
WP5 ST 9654 6043 146
WP6 ST 9678 6012 133
WP7 ST 9669 5985 67
WP8 ST 9584 6043 266
WP9 ST 9512 6108 337
WP10 ST 9447 6091 340
START ST 9433 6121 -
General:- This 5 mile walk will look familiar to anyone who watched the BBC TV program "A Country Parish", the path goes right through the featured village of Seend and past the vicar's church. The Rev Jamie Allen's flock is a far more balanced community than I first imagined, the section between waypoints 9 & 10 displayed all the wealth I expected but on the other side of the road lived ordinary people. To me a well used village hall and a football pitch is a healthy sign, it does them credit. Take a walk through Seend yourself and make up your own mind. 

Half of this walk runs alongside the Kennett & Avon canal. The pumping station at waypoint 2 is new and funded by the lottery to pump water back up to the top of the fourteen Caen Hill locks. I marvel at the determination of the early engineers to link the rivers Thames & Avon. This hill up to Devizes was their greatest challenge and nearly their undoing. It tested the volunteers who restored it too but at last their dreams seem a reality.

(GPS route length 4.84 miles)

How to get there :- Park in the village hall car park (drop a donation in the box if there is one). Seend is on the A361 Semington to Devizes road. Turn down Rusty lane @ ST 9439 6107 where it's signposted to village hall.