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Waypoint Map Reference Bearing to next waypoint
START SU 1182 6753 151


SU 1206 6715


WP2 SU 1213 6680 188
WP3 SU 1205 6568 201
WP4 SU 1179 6482 261
WP5 SU 1071 6457 282
WP6 SU 1005 6467 287
WP7 SU 0829 6587 51
WP8 SU 1020 6686 29
WP9 SU 1043 6734 76
WP10 SU 1078 6745 90
WP11 SU 1138 6748 88
START SU 1182 6753 -
General:- This 7 mile walk is very simple to follow and is ideal for those new to outdoor navigation. The views are good, more surprising there are no steep hills, they are so gentle you hardly notice them. The paths are passable most times in the year. The only word of caution relates to the section between Wp7 & 8 where its best to avoid freshly ploughed fields in late Sept.

Between Wp6 & Wp7 you get one of the finest views of the Wansdyke there is. Look at the full size view of the picture above, its almost like a miniature Hadrians wall. If you are curious to learn more about the dyke go to www.wansdyke21.org.uk . From the dyke you can see Silbury Hill on one side and the hill fort at Knapp Hill on the other.

The section as you approach Wp4 is part of the infamous Ridgeway path that has suffered so much abuse from four wheel drive use the Council had to prohibit them using it. Here you can see the track is in poor condition but starting to recover. The walkers have found a way around the worst bits and there is a lesson in this, don't spend hundreds of thousands of pounds resurfacing a track so 4WD's can wreck it again,  use the money saved to improve the footpath bridges.

On another access note, between Wp's 4 & 5 there is a Countryside Stewardship Open Access scheme operating. This grants the public the right to walk anywhere within this area of downland, you don't have to keep to the footpath, a truly worthwhile experience on a fine day.

At Wp9 you can see W Kennett Long Barrow ahead and very close. Don't be tempted to reach it from this point, there is no path. Go back to the A4 and turn left towards Calne. 1/4 mile furthur on is a signposted layby with an easy path to the barrow..

(GPS length 6.8 miles). 

How to get there: Park near the church. From the A4 look for the road to East Kennett 1.8 miles east of the junction with A4361 at SU1147 6806. As you enter the village look for a road on the right that goes to the church.