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START SU 1595 7000


WP1 SU 1539 7024


WP2 SU 1498 6985 296
WP3 SU 1380 7032 312
WP4 SU 1301 7093 267
WP5 SU 1251 7087 10
WP6 SU 1267 7253 59
WP7 SU 1286 7267 109
WP8 SU 1613 7179 200
WP9 SU 1596 7121 306
WP10 SU 1559 7144 241
WP1 SU 1539 7024 148
START SU 1595 7000 -

General :- This 8.5 mile route starts at English Nature's Fyfield Down Nature Reserve car park. An information board explains the geology in detail. This area is unique, sarsen stones are not found scattered over the ground like this anywhere else in Europe. There's a quiet peaceful air about the valley, its a nice place but it's hard to explain why. It's equally hard to believe the stones got there naturally. Sarsen is the Celtic word for "stranger", and the Celts were right, the stones don't seem to belong there, its almost as if a giant hand spread them across the valley. 50 million years ago this area had a tropical climate. It's hard silica crust, called Silicrete, broke into pieces when the earth cooled to artic conditions and glaciers ripped through the valley, breaking its crust into the rocks you see today. So much for global warming! If you want to learn about English Nature have a look at their website on

This is an easy walk that's good for any time of year. The return journey goes through a very wealthy farming area and the last part skirts around the Manton House racehorse stables where you can often see the horses out on the gallops. There is no pub on this walk.

How to get there:- Go east on the M4 from Marlborough for 1 mile. just as you leave the last house there is a narrow road to the right at SU 1694 6881 signposted "House & Hollow". Go up this road for 1 mile to a small car park on the left at Wp start.