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Waypoint Map Reference Bearing to next waypoint
START SU 0772 6919 293


SU 0553 6992


WP2 SU 0508 6907 197.8
WP3 SU 0483 6780 167.4
WP4 SU 0509 6714 250
WP5 SU 0423 6675 130.2
WP6 SU 0516 6608 110.2
WP7 SU 0813 6525 13.4
WP8 SU 0869 6885 260.8
WP9 SU 0822 6873 317
START SU 0772 6919 -
General:- This 9.7 mile route is pure downland and much of it follows the "White Horse Trail" and "Ridgeway" national trial. Almost all of it is on good track making it extremely easy to follow and ideal for winter, but bear in mind it is exposed and there is very little shelter from the wind.

At waypoint 5 the route diverts onto a new path created by DEFRA ( Department for Environment, Farming & Rural Affairs) to protect archaeological remains at the Wansdyke junction a little further on. I have no idea what they are protecting, if anyone knows the true reason I would be interested to hear.

As you climb up the Wansdyke from waypoint 6 you will see piles of chalk on the ditch walls where badgers have dug their sets, I am amazed how much they can move.

I (GPS length  9.49 miles). 

How to get there: Park in signposted car park on south side of A4 3/4 mile west of Beckhampton roundabout.