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Waypoint Map Reference Bearing to next waypoint
START SU 0996 6964 23.4


SU 1006 6993


WP2 SU 0973 6988 272.9
WP3 SU 0924 6986 276.2
WP4 SU 0891 6987 296.6
WP5 SU 0769 7037 40.8
WP6 SU 0796 7074 38.6
WP7 SU 0849 7152 115.6
WP8 SU 0891 7135 108.0
WP9 SU 0972 7116 185.7
WP10 SU 0970 6989 122.5
WP2 SU 0973 6988 87.2
WP1 SU 1066 6993 203.5
START SU 0996 6964 -
General:- This 4.8 mile route has been added after numerous requests for a short walk from the Avebury stone circle to Windmill Hill. The walk is pleasant enough but I found the landscape a bit flat and very little of interest at the hill itself. In all but a perfect summers day the hill has a bleak mysterious air about it and this is a clue to its main attraction - crop circles. Go to and scroll down the pictures on the right till you come Windmill Hill and you will see what I mean. Yes, you are in the centre of crop circle country.

The main features of the hill itself are three concentric earth ditches from the Neolithic period around 3,600 - 3,300 years BC. Now very little of the original site is visible, most of whet you can see is the result of many archaeological digs. Although the site itself is not impressive the artefacts found here are the most important in the UK and form the corner stone of Neolithic archaeology. 

There  is a manor house with the remains of a moat ( now empty) on the left just before Wp3. (GPS length 4.56 miles). The Red Lion Pub is at the eastern end of the High Street and there is a vegetarian cafe next to the Barn the end.

How to get there: From the south you leave the A4 at Beckhampton taking the A4361 to Swindon. After 0.8 miles park in the National Trust car park on the left.  From the north leave the M4 at junction 16 on the A4361, Travel 9.6 miles passing through Avebury to the car park on your right soon after.