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Bearing to next waypoint

START SU 1555 7613 286
WP1 SU 1457 7634  163
WP2 SU 1490 7544 161
WP3 SU 1521 7471 80
WP4 SU 1545 7477 140
WP5 SU 1620 7399 157
WP6 SU 1644 7353 149
WP7 SU 1677 7306 96
WP8 SU 1805 7302 131
WP9 SU 1889 7239 13
WP10 SU 1943 7377 354
WP11 SU 1924 7466 293
WP12 SU 1588 7583 316
START SU 1555 7613 -
General:-This 9 mile circular walk is easy to follow and the gradients are gentle on the legs. Fine views over downland are the dominant feature, if you are feeling low your spirits will soar as you walk the stretch of Ridgeway Path from Ogbourne St. George back to Barbury Castle.

Do not expect Barbury Castle to be a stone built medieval castle, what you see here is an iron age hill fort and dwelling area from the 6th century BC. Double earth ramparts command an excellent view of the surrounding countryside, ideal for defence, but a bleak place in the winter winds. It has a presence of its own though, you can easily image what life was like over two millennia ago. More recently Barbury Castle has become famous for point to point horse racing. 

Oxford & Wiltshire County Council spent nearly half a million pounds on resurfacing the Ridgeway for four wheel drive recreational use. Although the work was only completed only a few years ago the vehicles have wrecked the repairs already and proved the folly of letting vehicles on public paths, you can see for yourself what a waste of money it has turned out to be!

 There are pubs in Ogbourne St Andrew & Ogbourne St George if you need supplementary spirit. There is also a small cafe at the farm next to the car park.  (GPS length 8.63 miles). 

How to get there: On the A4361 Swindon to Avebury road at Wroughton (SU 1447 8048) turn off at the Three Tuns pub and take the local road to Barbury Castle. Park in the car park at SU 1555 7613.